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「新技「下だけ脱ぐ」」/「RAVEN@夏コミ日曜ツ16b」のイラスト [pixiv]

Goddamn ;o;
I have P4:Arena and having a TON of fun playing it.. its just so good..
I know Tekken Tag 2 is just around the corner and so excited for that..
But Blazblue Chrono Phantasma is just looking so amazing.. ;.;
From the videos the hitstun is getting shortened to P4/GG style so matches will be even more quicker and hype.. I just can’t control myself on how awesome the new game is turning out.. @_@

Having a blast with P4:Arena!

But of course still stalking my Chrono Phantasma~

Just want to let this out here.. I never really care if Blazblue will ever become as big as the other games that make all the majors all the time.. I know a lot of people that make fun of and do not like this game, whether for right or wrong reasons that should never decide whether you or me should like a game or not. As a long time supporter of Arc System Works I just want to say I love Blazblue and see nothing wrong with it. If someone thinks its a bad fighter they can play their own game and I’ll do the same ^^. I can say I’m not very keen on DoA or Smash and such but I am sure there are those out there who love their games that are hated on.

So this is my own personal shout-out to all gamers who still play their favorite fighter regardless of how big their scene is or how much their game is hated on. A shout-out to the anime fighters especially who don’t really get the spotlight here in the states! and finally a shout-out to the Blazblue offline but mostly online community! for still being GIGAANTIIIIC! (TAGER! heheh)
I love Blazblue and it has given me memories I will never forget


Anonymous asked:

thanks for taking the request back then (extra points for my favourite character Juri). I still can't see the background, though

Ahh okay, here you go!
I’ll post it for full size and source ^^

mrharutheotaku asked:

Yeah I figured you'd be looking for me. Blame Tumblr and whoever got on their high horse: I was reported for the shota images. No warning: just an instant "Hey fuck you*delete*" e-mail saying how and why my account was cancelled.

bleh, I’m sorry to hear that .-.
yeah I guess they do take those things pretty serious here even though it’s anime.. especially a lot of people.. but a fair warning would’ve been much more appropriate

mrharutheotaku asked:

What is your biggest fetish that you have and do you have a sexual fantasy you want to act out someday?

I’m never good at answering this question ;.;
I’m a really balanced kind of person when it comes to sex
I don’t think I have any outstanding fetishes or at least any to an extreme but I do love a broad amount of topics! Right now I have been experimenting with a bit more RP than usual this summer.. however I do have a history of loving dominated men time to time because it’s very sexy when they’re tied up :) not to be mean.. but I love to see them teased until they’re very frustrated EDIT: changed mind; women are equal and included on this too~

As for sexual fantasies again.. I don’t have definite likes but just a broad nonchalant relationship to the little things.. like rape fantasy.. using ropes.. gags.. blindfolds.. I -guess- shibari is my main thing though ^^
Sorry for the boring answers.. but they’re really honest! To be fair I just really love sex in a very healthy way! :O

Also! I’ve had been looking for you for a good hour today right when I got back @_@!

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